I know what you are going to say – this could not really happen to one man. No-one's luck is really that bad. But I swear my story is true, although there are many out there who wish to change it or conceal it. I am nearly at the end now and all I really want is for my story to be told. No more lies, no more bearing the blame for things that others have done. My story is a story of resilience – every time Murphy's Law knocked me down, I picked myself up and began my story anew. All I ever wanted was to live in a just society, provide for my family and to live in peace. When I list the places I have lived and worked - Ireland, China and Manila in particular - you will understand why justice and peace were sometimes hard to find. Yet even in Australia, Murphy's Law saw me hounded for things I just didn't do and to become ill with an extremely rare debilitating disease.

Anybody interested in Australian history would need to have a copy of your book on their bookshelf.

Brian Wiltshire - 2GB radio host


The events are accurately described and I congratulate John on his accuracy and memory.

Retired AFP Inspector Dennis Craft